Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is available in several version which differ in colour, flavour and texture. The sugar is made from only from high quality crystal sugar. Due to its higher moisture is ideal ingredient for the production of desserts, cakes or pastries. 

Brown sugar is available in following versions:

  • Blond - light colour and delicate taste
  • Gold - Golden colour and a pleasant caramel taste
  • Dark - Brown colour and strong taste
  • Fine brown with candy syrup - brown colour and typical candy taste

Features and benefits:

  • Soft texture and beautiful colour
  • Uniform colour and controlled moisture content
  • High quality which quarantees a unique taste of the final product.
  • Gives softness to your products and improve the shelf-life


  • Ideal as an ingredient for traditional recipes for cakes, biscuits, pastries and desserts, sweets or for brown beers...


Different types of Brown Sugar

Different types of Brown Sugar