Fondant Powder

Fondant powder features many benefits. It contains all the qualities of a traditional fondat paste combined with the benefits of a presentation in powder form.

Benefits of traditional fondant paste:

  • Optional texture and gloss of the final product
  • Fineness of the sugar microcrystals (average 11 µm)

Benefits of fondant powder

  • Simple to use and easy to incorporate
  • Stable and long shelf-life
  • Flexible to rehydrate (water, fruit syrup, alcohol, caramel)
  • Easy to flavour and colour
  • Better management and control over water activity
  • possibility to adjust viscosity

Fondant powder is available in three versions:

  • Fondant powder 11  - contains 11 % of glucose syrup
  • Fondant powder 17 - contains 17 % of glucose syrup
  • Fondant powder PLUS - contains glucose syrup and non hydrogenated vegetable fat.*

* This type of fondant powder is recommended for the applications that require more stability and longer shelf-life or form the icing of the most humid pastries.


  • Icings
  • Fiiling of pralines or chocolate sweetes, sugar paste, butter cream, truffles or funges...

Fondant Powder

Fondant Powder