Pearl Sugar

Pearl sugar is perfect ingredients for decoration or sweetening of your products.

Due to its unique attributes it can be used in the preparation of final product or can be added later as the decoration of the finished product. 

We offer pearl sugar in wide range of sizes (from 0,8 mm to 15 mm).

Our assortment includes pearl sugar in classic white colour and also in a wide range of different colours and flavours (caramel, cinnamon, lemon, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, orange or mint).

Features and benefits:

  • High moisture resistance
  • Stability on pastries with a high water activity
  • Stability on products with long shelf-life
  • Baking and freeze-thaw stable
  • Only natural colours and flavours
  • Perfect colour stability 


  • Fine decoration and flavourings of buns, brioches, pastries, desserts, ice creams etc.
  • Crispy and tasty inclusions in chocolates, buns, waffles

Various types of Pearl Sugar

Various types of Pearl Sugar